47840 D1661 Brief loco history.


-Into traffic Feb 1965
-Brush type 4 locomotive
-47/8 locomotive re-built from a 47/4 with larger fuel tanks to allow the loco to undertake longer
duties before refuelling.
-CO-CO wheel arrangement
-124 tonnes
-63 ft long
-engine: Sulzer 12LDA28C
-engine output: 2,580hp (1,922kW)
-60?000lb tractive effort generated.
-Max speed: 95 mph
-Air braked
-60 tonnes brake force
-RA 6 (route availability)
-6 traction motors
-Electronics by Brush
-1,295gal fuel capacity
-300 gal coolant capacity

47840 has led a varied life. It was built at Crewe Works and entered traffic on 13th February 1965.
Originally allocated to Cardiff Canton the loco was numbered D1661.
In March 1965 the loco was named NORTH STAR at London Paddington before hauling a special
train to Bristol. Changing between various depots over its life the loco finally became part of the cross
country fleet being converted from a 47/4 to a 47/8 locomotive with larger fuel tanks to reduce the
regularity of fuel top ups. The highlight of it?s career perhaps was the working with 47847 on 19th
August 2002 from Penzance to Birmingham New Street with the last regular class 47 hauled train on
virgin cross country. The loco was repainted into BR blue for the occasion and the final months leading
up to the event. The loco continued to work for Virgin acting as a thunderbird loco and working
weekend drags regularly over non electrified sections of line. It also worked occasionally for other
operators. In August 2004 the loco was transferred back to Willesden depot and into the Alstom
spare locomotive pool. Virgin had finished with the loco following the introduction of Class 57 locos
for thunderbird/drag duties. The storage was short lived however, in April 2005 840 returned to traffic
working for First Great Western on sleeper shunt release duties at Paddington. This was to cover for
lower than expected availability of Class 57s for First which had previously ousted 47s on this job.
Interestingly the loco has carried Dual Green, BR blue, Intercity and Virgin liveries before being
repainted back into BR blue in 2002 for the last Virgin workings. This loco has never carried large
logo livery.

Numbering/Naming History:

-D1661 Named North Star
-47077 March 1974 retained name
-47613 March 1984 retained name, became a class 47/4
-47840 November 1989 retained name.

Depot Allocations

-Delivered Old Oak Common in  Feb 1965
-1976 Cardiff Canton
-1984 Old Oak Common
-1988 Bristol Bath Road
-1989 Crewe Diesel Depot

(1989 long range fuel tank fitted- became part of Intercity long range fleet)

-1992 Bristol Bath Road
-1995 Tinsley

(brief spell with Railfreight Distribution for several months)

-1995 Bristol Bath Road- back to Intercity Long range duties
-1995 Crewe Diesel Depot

(brief spell unallocated then loco transferred to Porterbrook leasing company and back into the ?
ILRA? cross country pool)

-1998 Toton

Up to date loco allocations thanks to Steve ‘47005’ Anstey’.  Shows pool code and

10/02 ATLO       (Alstom)

08/04 Willesden (Alstom)

08/04 ATSP      (Alstom spare)

04/05 IWLA       (LAIRA)

10/05 GBZZ       (GBRF)

10/05 Old oak Stored  (GBRF)

04/06 CRRH      (Cotswold rail)

04/06 Gloucester Horton rd

10/06 SBXL      (Porterbrook off lease)

02/07 EFOO    (FGW Class 57/6 – O.O.Common)