Mixed Traffic Weekend 2008.

Photos from Friday 13th June.

Recently added pics at bottom
D9526 & D9520 at Bishops L and Minehead. Jon Tooke
D6737 Minhead-BL train. Brian G
D6737 at Minehead and view from
cab of class 14. Jon tooke
View from Class 14 at Williton. Class 14's, Class 25 and Warship at BL. Jon tooke
Class 20110 at Crowcombe having worked up from Bishops Lydeard. Eddy Napier
Warship and D7612 pass class 37 at Crowcombe.      D832 at Minehead. Eddy Napier.
Warship and Class 25 at Blue Anchor and Minehead. Eddy Napier.
Warship and 25 at Williton.                       03119 at Minehead       Eddy Napier.
33 arriving crowcombe       37 arriving blue anchor.             Eddy Napier
D1661 at Williton..       D2133 at Minehead.      Eddy Napier
25 and Warship at Crowcombe                   D6712 at Crowcombe         Eddy Napier.
Class 14s.   Brian G
Class 14s at Blue Anchor and Williton.    Eddy Napier
Class 14s at Williton and Bishops L.
Eddy Napier
Class 14s at Woolston.  Brian G.                                                             Darren and Richard Jones. Paul B
D6566 and D832 at Williton. Paul B
The chairmans new 'favourite' form of traction (!) and green line up at Williton.   Paul B
Class 25 approaching Blue Anchor.
Eddy Napier
D832 and Class 14s stabled at Minehead. Steve Hodgson
Class 37 at Blue Anchor from D832                                Clas 14s arrive at Blue Anchor.      Steve Hodgson
D832 and Class 25 at Crowcombe.
Steve Hodgson