Update 13/10/19 By Jon Tooke and Josh.

At the end of September on the 28th, we were delighted to offer a "members day" to say thank you to all the
Group members for their support, a key point of the day was also to offer an opportunity to ride behind
D7018 still fresh out of overhaul and the end of her first full running season on the Railway for many years.

Jon Took was on the train and sent us this write up along with the top selection of photos.

Using the two Hymeks 17, and 18 hauling a seven coach special train organised by the DEPG for its
members as a way of saying thank you for all the support and hard work put in by so many over the years,
not only putting 18 back on the rails but for all the other projects the group has going on at any one time.
Both locos ran from their WN to base to BL LE early in the morning to collect the stock from BL.
The first  part of the day was a run to NJ where the locos detached and ran around, then returned to BL after
a 20 minute break. Then BL to WN to collect more group members and then onto MD only stopping
at BA to cross the steam service train.  A quick lunch break at MD saw many members head straight for the
sea front chippy while the locos performed a double run round in the main platform. A group photo was
arranged at the London end of the main platform with our intrepid photographer gaining permission to
ascend the bracket signal to capture many of the group members in picture form. Non stop from MD to BA to
cross the service train again, then another non stop run to WN for a 20 minute break for members to view
repair projects in the shed and around the yard. A spirited non stop run to BL saw the train arrive some
7minutes early! Another run to NJ followed and after the run round another good run back to BL where all the
remaining members alighted and went home happy. The two Hymeks returned to their WN base in the early
evening following a wonderful, enjoyable and well organised day out. Maybe another one for next year????

Below the top selection of photos we also have some from Josh, who was also on the train.

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