Update 17th June 2019. By Graham Perry and Andy Royal

In preparation for the Gala this coming Thursday, we thought we would put some photos of D7018
resplendent in her excellent paint job below. She will go to the ball and is all ready for her running debut
at the Gala.

We hope to see you there. There will be plenty to see at Williton as well as along the line- D1661 and
D1010 will be berthed up on Depot.

HYMEK D7018 BOOKLET: Our new booklet has just arrived in stock, straight off the press, and we will
have plenty of copies for sale at £10 per copy starting from this weekend. The booklet is entitled
"HYMEK D7018" and comprises a hefty 64 pages of glossy A4 and includes background information on
the Hymeks as well as detail about the working life and restoration of D7018.

Look out for the DEPG Sales stand. DEPG SALES STAND: This is being arranged by joint DEPG and
WLA members. The location has not yet been finalised but will be either BL, WN or MD, depending on
the weather forecast. We will be selling the new booklet and any other DEPG merchandise that we can
gather, along with WLA merchandise - with a
good sized contribution to DEPG funds from everything
that gets sold.