Update 21st March. By Andy Royal

Couple of weeks worth of updates on various loco projects.

Class 52 D1010: The opportunity was taken to service the bogie brake cylinders and brake rigging that has
become accessible due to the removal of the transmission. The floor between the cab doors has been
re-fitted, making it a lot easier to gain access at the "B" end. Work continues on the preparation of space in
Unit 8, so that the transmission can be relocated.

Class 47 D1661: The first of the four Serck hydrostatic radiator shutter assemblies has been removed from
the loco and is now undergoing renovation. Several new parts are required on each of the seven separate
aluminium louvres that form the shutter assembly, and orders are being placed to get enough parts to allow
all 28 louvres to be fully restored.  The loco was started up without any difficulty and system checks were
performed while bringing her up to temperature and putting some charge back into the batteries. No issues
were encountered, so work continues on the renovation of the radiator shutter assemblies
in preparation for re-installation and the loco will then be ready for painting.

Class 33 D6566: This loco has been used for shunting the "Quantock Belle" stock in Williton station this
week, and we expect her to be called into use during the coming week for preparatory work in advance
of the line re-opening between Bishops Lydeard and Watchet on 30 March. The WSR have been favouring
their class 03 and class 09 shunters for light duties, but the "Crompton" has been called upon for the heavy
ballast trains.

Class 33 D6575: There is a reducing list of work outstanding, including the completion of the static brake
tests and the annual maintenance of the electrical machines and the control cubicle.

Class 35 D7017: The engine was started up last week by Neil and John, and everything was found to be in
good working order.

Class 35 D7018: Work has progressed on the internal fittings and the cab floors and desks in preparation for
a return to service.

Class 14 D9526: This loco is having a partial re-paint in preparation for her attendance at GWR Long Rock
depot open day on Saturday 13 April.  Work also continues to complete the 150 hour inspection and
lubrication work list in preparation for a return to service.