Update from Saturday 26th January. By Jon Tooke.

The wheelsets from the now completely dismantled class 14 D9518 have come back from their trip away for a
visit for profiling and to protect the clean material from the elements, Leroy is seen applying a liberal coating of
grease to the them.  

The side rods from a steam loco (Mogul 9351?) are in safe storage after being cleaned inside  the Tarmac
shed. Some interesting stampings were noted on the rods which are clearly from a recent repair time nearly
twenty years ago from a company near Street in Somerset.

The 20ton BR brake van received attention from yours truly today when it was given the once over for its
'fitness to run' exam.

The class 47 is still inside the Tarmac shed and a team led by Andy are working very hard to get the roof line
thermostatically operated radiator grills to operate again after many years of being either seized or broken.
Bodywork repairs on the rest of the loco continue and in places during the rubbing down process various layers
of paint reveal the many colours the loco has carried in the past.

Around the South yard at WN the DEPG had a glut of type three locos occupying various roads awaiting duties
or repairs. In the 'up' platform road at the station added to the QB stock were a Blue and Grey (yay) MK1
coach undergoing restoration plus the mangers saloon and a couple of brake-vans.
Contract bogie repair job on a superbly turned out MK1 FO coach is ongoing with the coach up I the air on the
ex-Bath Road depot lifting jacks.